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Beach Mayor responds to firing of Town Manager

July 24, 2009
FL Guide
Fort Myers Beach Mayor Larry Kiker has issued a prepared statement to address the termination of Town Manager Scott Janke after officials received media inquiries this week concerning an on-line report that Janke's wife was involved in the adult entertainment industry: "As many would guess the phone is ringing off the hook and the emails are many. I began this morning trying to individually respond to them all, it is impossible. "I understand the many opinions that have been shared. Most are articulate and well thought out. Most importantly they share concerns that there was a mistake made by the council and that there was injustice in many different areas. "To begin, the statement that, "Town of Fort Myers Beach fires Town Manager Scott Janke because his wife is a Porn Star" is simply not true. "After MANY interviews with TV stations, Radio Stations, and newspapers, reciting the same story EVERY time it would seem that the true statement should read that "Town of Fort Myers Beach DID NOT fire Town Manager Scott Janke because his wife is a Porn Star" would have sifted through. However, that would not be a story I suppose. "Because of the many reasons that have been expressed is exactly why the Town Council chose to not discuss that issue whatsoever. It was not our place nor did we want to be associated with passing judgment. In addition, the statement was made and agreed that he did nothing illegal. "What was done based on a conversation with Scott Janke was this. He initially offered to hand in his resignation. He said there is going to be a media blitz on this and it will probably prevent him from effectively managing the Town. His observation/prediction is ringing true. No one but the media is getting any work done now, it is amazing. "Because of the disruptions that this story could offer, the council acted quickly on his behalf, primarily one of the reasons being a private family matter for Scott that should only be addressed by him alone (at some point it will be his turn to respond to all of this and not ours). The option to release him without cause, allowed Scott to receive maximum benefits allowed by the contract. When he was told this, he was satisfied that the council made the correct decision. "The media, didn't like that story I guess. So they told the one that you hear and the nightmare has begun and we are left to respond to it. My hopes are that they find another headline. As early as this morning, I woke up to a local TV station reporting that pronounced that I said, Scott Janke Town Manager was fired because his wife is a porn star and that it was done to preserve the reputation and credibility of the Town. When I called and spoke with the anchorman, I told him that I never said those words, EVER, and that the statement was incorrect and not true, his answer was, I will email your concerns to my boss and he will get back to you. I have received no response. Yet the story continues to be aired. How do you react to that? "Again, it would have been my desire to answer each of you personally and singularly address your points of interest, but it is impossible. I have spoken too many via phone but that becomes impossible to do as well. "This is a small town just trying to get their work done. We didn't ask for this, we are just trying to deal with it the best we can. "Before sending this, I asked Mr. Janke to read this and confer. He agreed that this accurately reflects what transpired." Mayor Larry Kiker Town of Fort Myers Beach


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